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Frequently Asked Questions

Penang Photo Booth Props

How does the Penang Instant Print Photo Booth work?

Grab 2 – 4 friends, pick up your favourite fun props and stand in front of the DSLR camera within the booth, a monitor in front of the camera does screen mirroring. Get ready to create fun! We will print your photos in a customized photo layout instantly with our high speed photo printer for you to collect on the spot. Our booth is attended by our professional Penang Photo Booth  Ambassadors.. 


What is in the Penang Instant Print Photo Booth package?

*  Photo print out: Unlimited

*  Printer: High speed photo-lab quality print
*  Photo Size: 4R/Photo Strip
*  Backdrop: Fabric/Glitter/Sequins

*  DSLR Camera
*  Studio Lighting Setting
*  Free Fun Props

*  Free Photo Layout Design

*  Free Multiple Prints For Group Photo Sessions

*  Penang Photo Booth Ambassadors


What cameras are we using?

At Penang Photo Booth we use professional Canon DSLR cameras with orginal manufacturer's lenses to get high quality results everytime


How is the print out quality?

Penang Photo Booth uses state of the art dye-sub printers which are the same as the printing equipment employed by main street photo labs.  i.e. photo quality gloss finished photos within seconds!


Can Penang Instant Print Photo Booth customize the photo layout design?

Yes it is possible for us to customize your photo layout design.  We have many layouts you can select from, and we'll incorporate your logo/message for you. 


How many photos do we get in the Penang Instant Print Photo Booth package?

UNLIMITED! Penang Photo Booth packages runs on hourly basis. Hence, strike as many poses as you possibly can, and we will take and print all the photos for you during the duration of the photo booth event.  The photo booth will print 1 piece 4R photo or 2 pieces photo strips for each session.


Do we get softcopies?

Yes, Penang Photo Booth will send you softcopies of all the photos taken via Dropbox after the event.


Does Penang Instant Print Photo Booth provide any fun props?

Yes! we do provide fun props with the photo booth.  


How big is the photo booth?

The photo booth measures (Length:7 feet) x (Width:6 feet) x (Height:7 feet) . 


What about the payment method?

RM500 upon booking confirmation the balance due up to 1 week after the event date. We will email you the payment details once we received your booking. 

Penang Photo Booth is dedicated to providing you an enhanced Instant Print Photo Booth experience through our professional service, attention to details, extensive knowledge and state of the art digital photographic equipment and software. Our commitment to you, and combined with the latest in technology of our equipment make Penang Instant Print Photo Booth your preferred partner.
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